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UK National Day of Strike Action

Written by on 25 November 2011

UK National Day of strike action

Next week, the UK will see a series of national strikes as unions defend the pay and benefits of their members. The heated exchanges between government officials and union representatives are intensifying, thus offering the general public a glimpse of an old-style negotiation in practice. But, is there not a case that both parties are missing the point here?

Has the public sector got it too good?

The unions are defending a position of social privilege – that is, the defending of employee benefits that are only available to people who are employed by the state and as such, are paid for through taxation which is levied on everyone else. Why should so many ordinary citizens be expected to pay for a small, select group of public servants when they themselves cannot hope to enjoy such benefits?

Politicians need to lead by example

That said, the Government does not seem to understand that their apparent lack of willing to reform their own pay structure (and carry out a true assessment of the level of benefits available to them), is justifiably causing huge friction within our society.

The decisions that are made and the outcomes of this dilemma will shape the UK for years to come. Lets hope our leaders are up to the task!

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